Villa Bellevue

In a distance of 8km you will find Keszthely, the „Capital of the Balaton”.
Different museums and events, such as operettas in the castle are worth to visit. You will find here best shopping possibilities, modern supermarkets, many restaurants, little coffee-shops and bars and a shopping mall. The castle Festics has the biggest private library all over Europe and impresses you with its huge park.

Another 6km further you will find the biggest natural thermal spa of Europe in Heviz. With a water temperature between 28 and 34 degree this spa is a “must”. Not only for arthritis or rheumatism deceases. Enjoy swimming between see-roses in the healthy water.

15km away from Balatongyörök is Tapolca situated. With a rowing-boat you can explore a natural sea under the surface in a nice cave-system.

In 20 minutes you will be in Sümeg where in the summer months interesting knight-champions take part.

East of Balatongyörök the volcanoes of Badacsony will impress you with bizarre figures, such as the famous “Basalt Organs”. They astonish every visitor. You will enjoy in little vine cellars the finest vines, growing on this volcanic soil.

On the little peninsula Tihany exist a church with 2 bell-towers and an old Benedictine-abbey, which you can see from very far.

The conservation-area of the “Kleiner Balaton” (Little Lake Balaton) invites you for nice walks, where you can observe a various birdlife and as well a reserve for water-buffalos. This is a very well maintained region.

Also the little village Zalaszanto is worth to be seen. It has a “Stuppa”, consecrated by the Dalai Lama.

These are only some few sight-seeing possibilities witch want you to show: Hungary is worth to be visited.

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