Familie Uwe und Simone Trzebin
Address: H-8313 Balatongyörök
Szent István street 66.
Phone: 0036 83 546 947
Fax: 0036 83 546 948
E-mail: info@villabellevue.eu

How to reach us

From Vienna you got southward on the A 2 motorway direction Eisenstadt / Ungarn. When you reach the traffic-junction Guntramsdorf go ahead direction Eisenstadt on the A3 and further on to the border-crossing point of Klingenbach / Sopron. On the mainroad 84 you go about 120km until you have reached the Balaton-Lake.

You can travel from many cities in Europe to Vienna. Please contact us for any help.

You can reach us from many places in Germany. Very comfortable it is to fly Ryan Air to Sarmellek Balaton Airport which is only 30 km from Balatongyörök. (Please notice that Sarmellek is only a small airport) It is more comfortable to arrive to Budapest or Vienna.